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The next generation sludge dewatering screw press, “SWINGMILL” is the latest non-contact, non-wearing sludge dewatering system designed by Dewlink.   We specialise in the research, development and the sale of sludge dewatering machines, along with polymer make-up systems.  Our products have many technical advantages over the traditional dewatering screw press.  The modular systems are the most effective, efficient and economical dewatering equipment on the market, reducing the overall costs of sludge treatment.

Most Effective Sludge Dewatering System


Polymer makeup system available for powder and emulsion. Efficient mixing and accurate dosing.


Mixing tank with high speed mixing tube, creating a collision effect leading to faster flocculation.


For thickening and dewatering sludge through pressure filtration and unique ring movements.


The complete sludge dewatering solution consisting of the MixCycle, Tubox and Swingmill.

Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

reduce power comsumption

One of the most efficient sludge dewatering equipment available on the market.  The screw run at low speed consuming very little power, making the Swingmill economical with a higher capacity.


The effectiveness and the efficiency of the system can reduce polymer usage by approximately 30%.  Less polymer equals to lower operating cost with better results.

increase efficiency

The combination of the Tubox and Swingmill can improve sludge handling capacity of approximately 20%.  The duel screw system allows a higher throughput with an increase in the recovery rate of solids.


Self cleaning, the unique movement of the rings will eliminate clogging in the screw cylinder, hence reducing wash water and maintenance costs.  The none contact mechanism reduces wear and increase durability.  


The Swingmill is versatile making it suitable for many industrials and different types of sludge, from food processing, chemical, oil, mining, manufacturing, municipal, agriculture, paper making and many more.  If it can flocculate, we can dewater it!


Our sludge dewatering system is fully programmable, with automatic 24 hours start-stop unattended operation.  Reducing labour and saving setup time, with the ability to store different settings for different requirements in memory.

no deformation

Comapred to the traditional screwpress, our contactless non abrasive mechanism, increases the lifespan of the moving rings  from 10,000 to 100,000 hours and the screw from 30,000 to 100,000 hours.


The flexibility of adjustment in the speed of the screw and moving rings, can capture more water and reduce the volume of sludge without sacrificing throughput.  A lower volume of sludge equals to lower disposal cost and better for the environment.

Latest Projects

We work with different industrials to solve their sludge dewatering problems.  Providing chemistry and dewatering to reduce volume for cheaper transportation and easy disposal.

We have many ongoing projects, whether it’s solving our client’s sludge problems, being involve in research and development of our polymer make-up and dewatering systems or conducting various test onsite within different industrials.  We are committed to provide the best and most effective solution to solve the problem of sludge dewatering and sludge removal.

For more information please contact our sales team at [email protected]

Swingmill pilot test

Cavitation Air Flotation

The all new DSM-121-S Swingmill including a twin tank polymer make-up system was used to dewater CAF sludge from a glass manufacturer.  The system was easy to setup and it achieved excellent results.

Swingmill sludge dewatering screw press

Gut Content Abattoir

The lamb abattoir requires to reduce the volume of DAF sludge and gut contents after slaughtering.  They require a system that can cope with a high level of grease and fat without the fear of clogging.


Food Processing Plant

The plant produces 30m³ of DAF sludge every day.  The sludge is transported away on a daily basis without dewatering, leading to a higher cost of disposal.

Swingmill filtrate

Pulp and Paper Mill

One of the biggest paper company in the world require a dewatering system, that can cope with high fibre sludge without clogging and able to operate under high humidity.

sludge cake

Rendering Plant

A belt press dewater 100m³ of DAF every week.  They are old and requires frequent maintenance.  The Swingmill is a cheaper alternative for the rendering plant, reducing running and maintenance costs with drier sludge cake.


non wearing swingmill screwpress

Vegetable Plant

A manufacturer of vegetable product installed a new DAF system and the Swingmill was chosen to dewater the sludge.  

vegetable juicing

Veg & Fruit Juicing

The Swingmill can be used for different applications.  It can be used as a juicer for fruit and vegetables.  The solids can be used for fertilizer and the juice can be used to make different beverages.  

sludge thickener

Concentration Filter

The pre-concentrated filter can be installed inside the Tubox mixing tank for thickening before dewatering of sludge.

News and Media

Please connect with us for the latest updates on our next generation sludge dewatering screw press and services or for any information please feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected]

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Cavity Air Flotation Sludge

03/10/19 DSM-121-S Swingmill VS CAF sludge The Swingmill mobile system with two chemical tanks recently conducted a test to dewater CAF sludge from a glass

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Mini sludge dewatering screw press

Swingmill DSM-121-S

01/01/19 DSM-121-S Mini Swingmill is born The smallest dewatering machine, the Swingmill system with two chemical tanks available now for pilot test.  Contact us to book

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Swingmill 501 twin screwpress

Swingmill DSM-501-S

01/10/18 Fully operational at an abattoir Abattoir sludge treatment and dissolved air flotation dewatering.  The latest Swingmill design is now fully operational at an abattoir. 

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Swingmill Upgrade

20/06/18 The new 2018 edition Swingmill dewatering system The new updated Swingmill, just rolled off the press, ready to be shipped out.  The upgrades will make

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IFAT Munich 2018

IFAT May 14-18, 2018 Munich, Germany It was a fantastic experience and we had great sucess in promoting our Swingmill dewatering technology at IFAT.  We meet

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Screw press

Swingmill DSM-702-S

18/02/18 Two special edition DSM-702-S for a food processing plant We made some changes to the Swingmill meeting customer’s requirements.  We can build the Swingmill to

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