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Screwpress maintenance and we work with customers to ensure our systems perform at top level.   Find warranty information for all your Dewlink products here.

Dewlink offers out-of-warranty service for accidental damage or mechanical failure after the one year limited warranty period from the date the device was installed has ended.



Our sales staff and technical personnel will determine the most suitable product and solutions to the end user through industry experience, field research, sludge cake analysis, sludge characteristics and understanding customer requirements.  A full product introduction with a demonstration of our core technology and advantages will be made to the end user, to assist with the product selection process.

Sludge Analysis

Sludge Analysis

It is recommended to provide 2-3L of sludge sample.  We will conduct rigorous testing of the sample and deliver a detail report to the client.

On-site Analysis

On-site Analysis

A test will be conducted before the installation of the final product and any required changes or settings will be made.

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After many years of industry experience, we have setup a highly professional and skilled service team.  A sound and reliable after-sales service system is use to implement onsite/remote service, combined with a rapid response mechanism for the installation of equipment and the training of the operators.  During the warranty period, we are also committed to fulfill our duty to meet the requirement of the customer for any replacement parts, repairs, Swingmill screwpress maintenance and to respond to any queries or problems at haste.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answers here, please contact us via email at or call us on +44 (0)1952606847

screw press

What is the difference between the Swingmill and the traditional screw press?

The Swingmill is multi-purpose, more efficient, more intelligent, more convenient, more environmentally friendly and safer to use.

Flocculation tank mixer

Is it possible to purchase and use the Tubox flocculation device as a standalone device?

Yes, it is available to purchase as a standalone device and use in an existing sludge dewatering system

sludge dewatering screwpress

What are the difference between Dewlink's Swingmill and another non-wearing screw press?

The so called non-wearing screw press uses two external drive rod to power the screw but there are flaws.  

It is easy to bend under pressure because the main screw is only supported by the external drive rod at both end of the screw.  

The movement of the rings is limited by a forward motion or in a swing motion.  The rings cannot cut into the gaps of the screw, only around the edges.  It is ineffective at water filtration and inefficient at pushing the sludge forward.

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