Ultrasonic sensor

Swingmill with Ultrasonic Sensors

01/10/20 DSM-501-D Swingmill with Ultrasonic Sensors

The Swingmill 501-D multi-plate non contact screw press was installed with a set of Siemens ultrasonic sensors, to monitor sludge level in the flocculation tank and the main sludge holding tank.  The ultrasonic sensors were selected instead of the standard probe sensors because the sludge contained alot of fibre which could eventually stick to the probes.  The ultrasonic sensors eliminated this problem and allowed the operator to monitor sludge levels in the tanks and also used during auto mode to start stop the machine depending on level of sludge. 

We can cater to your needs, please get in touch to discuss how the Swingmill dewatering multi-plate screw press can reduce your sludge disposal costs.

Swingmill screw press
Flocculation tank
Swingmill cylinder
Siemens touchscreen
Ultrasonic sensor


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