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Founded in Telford U.K, DEWLINK SLUDGE TREATMENT LTD provides a simple and cost effective method of dewatering sludge and wastewater from many industrials.

“Our excellence in sludge dewatering technologies will benefit the earth, making it a cleaner place.  We are committed to lead the world and to explore new frontiers for a better future”

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The three main stages of sludge dewatering process (polymer dissolution, flocculation and dewatering) are indispensable.

We have used these processes as the main focus for our dewatering products.  With our attention to details and the drive for perfection,  we have developed a new system which is more efficient, stable, economical, intelligent, secure, convenient and environmentally friendly.   This is a technical innovation in the solid-liquid separation industry and we believe this will change the pattern of the industry, promoting further development of technologies.  

We aspire to become the world’s influential pioneer in sludge treatment and disposal, continuing to innovate, advance, upgrade and exceed, providing customers with a fulfilling experience from design to final installation.

Our products include the MixCycle polymer dissolution device, the Tubox flocculation device and the Swingmill dewatering drum.  We believe these modular systems are the most effective, efficient and economical dewatering equipment available on the market, reducing costs and labour.  

Together with our expertise and an efficient production process, we can oversee any project from design to final production delivered on time, on any budget and from anywhere around the world.

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Sludge Treatment Pioneer, Continue to innovate, advance, and exceed, providing customers with a fulfilling experience from design to final installation.

Services For :-

Food & Drinks
Agriculture & Abattoir
Pharmaceutical & Chemicals
Paper Making
Municipal Waste Water
Mining & Petroleum

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Dewlink Sludge Treatment Ltd

Unit A1, Hortonwood 10, Telford,

Shropshire, TF1 7ES, UK