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"Our excellence in sludge dewatering technologies will benefit the earth, making it a cleaner place.  We are committed to lead the world and to explore new frontiers for a better future"   
At Dewlink we believe in dedication, commitment and hard work, together with your talent, we can achieve anything!  We provide a platform for talents to fulfil their potential, to showcase their skills in a comfortable working environment.  A close relationship and teamwork between members of the company are encouraged to maximize creativity and innovation.
Opportunities are always open to any dedicated and innovative spirits into the industry; we will always welcome any talents to join our family.

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Business Co-operation
Our philosophy for business co-operation is collaboration, working together to develop and progress to achieve a common goal.  With our unique solid-liquid separation technology, we believe that we will inject new vitality to the industry.  We are willing to work with you, together we can grow our businesses, develop and improve our technologies. 

Recruitment requirements:
◇ Companies with experience in sales of environmental protection equipment 
◇ Have a professional sales team or a mature sales channels 
◇ Has an independent office space

Supplier Co-operation:

Dewlink require the best materials and equipment to satisfy our demand for the highest quality in all our products.  We strive to provide our customers with the most stable and reliable solution, to solve their waste water treatment problem.  We are constantly on the search for companies who can supply the best materials and equipment.  If you are a supply who can provide the best, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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